Emma Sheridan 0871121325 WESLOP.jpg


Mid flight














This wasn’t on the forecast” 

                                    cries the pilot.


I           sit        frozen

                                                 in this helicopter              

lost in a fog.




Listening to the                            whirlwind 









But as we spin,


                    I begin to feel calm.


It’s nice to reflect that                                in fact 


We simply








When we finally land,

Things become very clear,

I patch my pieces shattered from storm, 

Together with kindness,

And decide to keep my two feet, 

Firmly on the ground, 



From now on.

Emma Sheridan

80cm x 120cm

Acrylic on cotton canvas

Emma Sheridan 0871121325 CLARE.jpg


I feel this city as I cross London bridge,

Every vibration is a colour, a song, a presence,

This can be heavy sometimes.

David Bowie once said “There is a terror in knowing what the world is about”. 

But If I try to see this as a light,

And let it shine through me,

As if I was transparent somehow,

Then I can be sure that I don’t disappear.

Like a prism I will let these floods of colour,

Disperse around me,

Feeding the garden I grow,

At my very feet.


Emma Sheridan

80cm x 120cm

Acrylic on cotton canvas