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Like birdsong you can hear me,

I’m here 

but not here,


In the land of nothing yet everything,


Derailed,            detached,          decreolised.



But I will follow the sweet chimes of my voice,

And sing my own song from the tree tops for all to cherish,

Until I’m home again.

80cm x 120cm

Acrylic on cotton canvas




Looking out of windows,

Beautiful opportunities passing by,

Searching through these ships of dreams,

Wondering which of these will now be mine.


Some begin to interest me,

I get tickets to try out their show,

I don’t know where these voyages will take me,

But I am curious to see where we go.


80cm x 120cm

Acrylic on cotton canvas




I have endured 

the swirling, 

searing pain 

of unimaginable trauma and sudden grief. 



I have been broken. 


I have lost the largest of loves, 


I have lost the brightest of lights, 


I have lost a future full of his laughter,


his music 


and our conspiratorial grand plans, 


I have lost a part of those closest to me,


I have lost myself,            





I have found myself.

Words by Sharon

80cm x 120cm

Acrylic on cotton canvas



The call of the river,

Deafened me.

But the spinning of my wheels on the dirt,

Drowns out her cries.

I will wear my suit of armour,


Sit upon my steed,

And enjoy the gentle trickles of her streams.

Grateful for her life giving flow,

feeding the birds and trees,

As I Ride alongside her,

Down the mountain path.

80cm x 120cm

Acrylic on cotton canvas

Emma Sheridan 0871121325 WESLOP.jpg


Mid flight














This wasn’t on the forecast” 

                                    cries the pilot.


I           sit        frozen

                                                in this helicopter              

lost in a fog.




Listening to the                            whirlwind 









But as we spin,


                    I begin to feel calm.


It’s nice to reflect that                                in fact 


We simply








When we finally land,

Things become very clear,

I patch my pieces shattered from storm, 

Together with kindness,

And decide to keep my two feet, 

Firmly on the ground, 



From now on.

80cm x 120cm

Acrylic on cotton canvas

Emma Sheridan 0871121325 CLARE.jpg


I feel this city as I cross London bridge,

Every vibration is a colour, a song, a presence,

This can be heavy sometimes.

David Bowie once said “There is a terror in knowing what the world is about”. 

But If I try to see this as a light,

And let it shine through me,

As if I was transparent somehow,

Then I can be sure that I don’t disappear.

Like a prism I will let these floods of colour,

Disperse around me,

Feeding the garden I grow,

At my very feet.



80cm x 120cm

Acrylic on cotton canvas

Emma Sheridan 0871121325 MARK.jpg


His heart’s filled to the brim,

It’s hard not to let everything in,

Acceptance of the fragility and vulnerability this can bring.


This opens his eyes,

With every deed he tries,

To the beautiful bouquet of anemones,

He possessed within.

80cm x 120cm

Acrylic on cotton canvas